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Our command systems range from built in Emergency Operations Centers to SUV Command Vehicles to rugged, portable units. We have designed and built all of our products from start to finish to exactly meet the needs of a variety of different agencies and organizations. We're constantly working to keep up with technological advances and upgrade our systems, as well as working individually with our customers to implement any suggestions and new requirements.
Stationary Command Centers

Operations Centers

We offer complete stationary Emergency or Department Operations Centers: Customize the size and setup for the main system display and add multiple separate workstations to meet your departmental needs. The Emergency or Department Operations Center includes a complete system of hardware and the Antaresx Software Suite.

Mobile Command Vehicles

Future Concepts provides complete design, manufacturing and systems integrations for SUVs and Trailers. The vehicles connect to the entire Antaresx network and include satellite, mobile network (2G/3G/4G), WiFi, and LAN network capabilites and can run off electricity, gas, or for larger vehicles, a generator.
Mobile Command Centers
Portable Command Posts

Portable Operations Centers

We also design portable command posts, in both rugged and normal casing, carrying our regular server and computer design in a smaller and more convenient design. Our rugged options allow for an AntaresX command post with a variety of network connection options anywhere there is power.



Helicopter Downlink - Receivers

Add helicopter downlink receivers to vehicles to receive signal from aircrafts.

Helicopter Downlink

Complete helicopter downlink solutions to stream live, real-time video through AntaresX.


Helicopter Downlink - Transmitter

Add microwave transmitters to your aircrafts to send real-time video.

Surveyor Cameras

Mobile cameras broadcast video via the AntaresX network using WiFi or 4G connection.

Mesh Nodes

Directional antennas extend a private, secure WiFi network

Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones

Laptops are configured to work as additional workstations to a full command system; custom mobile applications run securely on Android or iOS tablets and smartphones.


Our engineers and technicians have gotten together and combined all of the information on our programs and software suite into a single, convenient location on our website. Included are product and program manuals, FAQs, printable training materials, quizzes and more. Click here to visit our online support and training portal.

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Call us at any time on our 24/7 tech support line for immediate assistance with our systems. We understand the critical nature of our systems, so technical specialists are always available to answer questions or troubleshoot an issue.

We maintain our systems for the same reason that you maintain your own automobile - regularly scheduled maintenance ensures that everything is ready to go for the next event or emergency. All of our systems qualify for regularly scheduled preventative maintenence so we can stop issues before they occur.

Our eyes are on all of our servers to ensure that all data is synchronizing as needed, as well as on our mobile command centers, to ensure that they're getting the network connectivity they need.

Technology is, and always will be, improving and expanding every day. That's why we provide software and hardware upgrades for our existing contracts.

Besides our online training materials, we provide in-person, on-site training events right at our facility in La Verne, CA. We know how difficult it can be to schedule your personnel for training, so we're available to schedule a training appointment anytime during our regular business hours Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:30.

From our team of experts who have created our entire AntaresX system from scratch, we offer our time to research and develop your next great idea - as an addition to our systems or an entirely new concept.



Future Concepts LLC is a small business staffed with experienced professionals and engineers from the greater Los Angeles area who have been developing practical information systems for over 20 years. Our goal is to provide the tools to help first responders be prepared and interconnected in an emergency situation where time and information is critical. We begin at the concept level - researching, designing and testing - to provide a highly personalized solution to each of our customers.

Our research has taken us to develop the extensive AntaresX system, proudly operated by some of the largest police and sheriff departments in the United States, and the NexarSOS system, currently installed in schools and other infrastructure across the country. We are continuously designing new solutions to expand the capabilities of our network and utilize the newest technologies to keep our customers ahead of the game.

Join the FC Team

We are always on the lookout for seasoned software, IT, and engineering professionals who are passionate about what they do. If you are interested in a position with us, please send your resume and a brief description of yourself and why you would be a great fit to:


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